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Black Wolf Member: Mistress Freja

Mistress Freja

Name: Mistress Freja
Persona: jewelry maker, rune carver
Nationality: Swedish
History: Daughter of chieftain in the Swedish village Hoganas. As an artisan she was in nearby Helsingborg selling her wares when her village was attacked. With nothing to go back to, she joined Black Wolf Caravan whom she’d met and worked alongside of at the Helsingborg market.
Skills: jewelry making, rune carving, animal husbandry, cooking

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Black Wolf Member: Wolf Mother, Fang

Fang “Wolf Mother”

Name: Fang “Wolf Mother”
Titles: Knight, Advisor to Duke Robert (keeps him on the straight and narrow), camp captain
Nationality: Magyar (Hungarian)
Ambitions: Seeker of knowledge, herbalist, horse healer, mediator, ‘Wise One’,  feeder of souls, (physically and spiritually).
Awards: Grant of Arms, Right of Assembly, The Clock of the Scarae, Order of the Golden Fleece, Patent of Nobility


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Black Wolf Member: Duke Robert IV

Duke Robert IV

Name: Duke Robert IV
Nationality: French
Titles:  Chevalier, Eminence, Grace, Duke Stonebridge by Right of Arms, The Count, The Marquis le Rouge, Grande Master the Lords M.O.B., Defender of Ancient and Antediluvian Eminence, Knight Eminent, Defender of The West and other significant appellations by the grace of His Majesty, King Louis IX of France.
Ambitions: Seeks the throne of France, the Shepherd to our flock

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Black Wolf Caravan

Welcome to the world of Black Wolf!!

Our Story:

Crusader Duke Robert and his retainers were exiled from France and created the Black Wolf caravan as a way of supplying funds and food to further their presence in Outremer.

Over time, people from other nations such as Hungary, Scotland and Denmark were attracted to the Black Wolf banner.

Black Wolf engages in legitimate trade to provide a cover for Crusader activities (covert information on heathen forces, weaponry, horses, and supplies) to prevent Byzantium from being overrun.

Join us as we experience the 12th and 13th centuries through our medieval enactor adventures on the infamous Silk Road.

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