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Medieval Season is Coming

It may be roasting hot outside, but in our hearts we’re already sitting around campfires at medieval events, wineView full post »

Preparing for Medieval Season

It’s been quiet on the blog, but absolutely bustling on the farm! Our group has all sorts of medieval projectsView full post »

Making Heater Shields With The Templars

For a long time, medieval groups in Queensland have kept to themselves, only getting together at events whenView full post »

2015 Medieval Season

As we begin the month of February, excitement is building throughout Blackwolf as we anticipate the start of the 2015View full post »

Medieval Sore Throat Treatment

With winter coming on, it is definitely the season for colds and sore throats. If you had a sore throat in medievalView full post »

Working with Leather and Wood

It was great weather for working outside when Ann, Neil, and joined the Duke and Poppit on Sunday to tackle a few moreView full post »

Making Medieval Furniture

It may have been wicked cold this weekend, but that didn’t stop Blackwolf members from braving the elements toView full post »

Medieval Weaving, Medieval Furniture, and a Medieval Cart

We had another busy Sunday at Citadel Vulgus as we continued work on various projects for Abbey and History Alive. AnnView full post »

How to Make Medieval Knives with Wood-burned Handles

Robbie and Krista have been working hard making a series of medieval knives with wood-burned handles to use in ourView full post »