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A Little Blackwolf History

Blackwolf are a 12th/13th century Crusader group traversing caravan routes. In Crusader times, supplies from overseasView full post »

What Blackwolf Represents

By Robbie Robinson The main question people ask us is how did 12th Century people live?  What did they eat?  Thus,View full post »

Blackwolf Members at History Alive

Blackwolf is comprised of people from all over medieval Europe and the Middle East. Today we’ll introduce you to aView full post »

Blackwolf Member: Alroy, Irish druid

Blackwolf Member: Alroy, Irish druid Name: Alroy (meaning Red) Persona: A Druid from Ireland Nationality: Irish HistoryView full post »

Black Wolf Member: Iliana, Finnish Shaman Healer

Iliana, Finnish Shaman Healer Name: Iliana Persona: healer and chronicler Nationality: Finnish History: Trained inView full post »

Black Wolf Member: Sarrii the Shrewd

Sarrii the Shrewd (aka The Mad Turk) Name: Sarrii Tumar al Firass (Sarrii the shrewd) Nationality: Turkish Titles:View full post »

Black Wolf Member: Gypsy Elijah

Gypsy Elijah Name: Elijah Persona: Gypsy boy Nationality: somewhere in the Middle East History: Elijah is a Gypsy boyView full post »

Black Wolf Member: Slave Najla

Slave Najla Name: Najla Persona: Slave Nationality: Egypt History: Najla was sold to a camel merchant for two camels.View full post »

Black Wolf Member: Blacksmith Trygg Thorin

Blacksmith Trygg Thorin Name: Trygg Thorin Persona: Blacksmith and Banner Bearer From: Kerch, Russia History: Born to aView full post »