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Blackwolf History

Blackwolf is a medieval enactor group based in Southern Queensland, Australia. We are dedicated to learning, understanding, and sharing the medieval experience of mercenaries and traders in the 12th and 13th centuries through a fusion of multiculturalism at the hub of the continents.

This hub is the Middle East, or Outremer, as it was referred to by the Franks at that time.  Outremer was the core of the continents of Africa, Western, Northern and Eastern Europe, the East, the far East, and the Indian Continent.

Outremer was in a constant flux and exchange, death and renewed life.  The tearing down and setting up of instant kingdoms.  The Crusader kingdoms were small states forged by military courage, nerve, gallantry, stupidity and ignorance of the country itself.  These instant kingdoms, based in the Middle East but always with ties oriented westward to distant patrons constantly faced potential enemies and concubine states as neighbours. Outremer was a magnet for fanatics, trader merchants and lost souls from east, west, north and south alike.

The key to Outremer’s lure was it being the crossroads of trade by sea and land.  Here, as nowhere else in the world, one could experience the interplay of cultures, the riches, the poverty, the flow of the new supplementing the old, this life of discovery…this experience is Blackwolf.

Our group is kind, loving, and hard-working. We trust and support each other and value a peaceful and friendly environment. We only welcome members who contribute to that environment. For us that means people who are passionate about medieval life yet are humble, willing to learn from others, and supportive of the passions of those in the group even when they differ from their own. To ensure that atmosphere exists, the President acts as a benevolent dictator. However in this role he consults with others before making a decision. Those who are say – know-it-alls, lazy, or unreliable are not welcome. We’d rather have those who know nothing about medieval life yet have an attitude to learn rather than those who exhibit an odious attitude to those around them.

In Crusader times, Leaders faced the mammoth task of supplying their troops in the field.  Supplies were often too little, too late or not at all. As Raynald de Chatillion harassed the Muslim Caravans, so too does Blackwolf, a group of Crusader mercenaries and merchants operating covertly as a Bedouin caravan trading goods between the locals, the Crusaders, and pilgrims, under the banner of our Duc, Robert le Rouge of France. We also traverse the Silk and Salt roads as far away as Russia and Western Europe trading goods, medicines, and mercenary services.

Our group members are diverse, hailing from France, England, Scotland, Poland, and Finland, and each one brings their own unique National dress, food, traditions, and expertise to the group. We only ask that each member have a Bedouin outer robe in their kit since it would’ve been worn whilst traveling to give the impression of being Bedouin.

All tents, furniture, stoves, trailers, etc are owned by Robbie and Krista and are brought to each event for use by Blackwolf members, but each member is responsible for their own garb, (marked) personal equipment (chair, bedding, dishes, etc), and anything needed for the demonstrations they might present at events.

At events all members are expected to participate in the set up and break down of camp, contribute to the food served at the event, and contribute to the running of the camp either by camp maintenance, combat, or demonstrations. Member roles can include Camp Captain, Timekeeper, Scribe, Cook, Secretary, Treasurer, and general dogsbody.

At medieval events we provide an array of interesting and informative demonstrations, including, but not limited to:

Flax to Linen – how linen was made in medieval times.
Coffee – the history of coffee in medieval times and how it was made.
Medieval Folk Medicine – how to make and use it.
Cheese-making – how to make cheese over an open fire.
Medieval Bedouin food – how to make traditional Bedouin foods from the 12th-13th centuries.
Medieval Combat

While we always have a great time at medieval events, we view our participation there as we would a job. We show up on time, work hard with a good attitude, and maintain quality and authenticity in all our endeavours.  After all, this is your, and our, hobby.

For more information contact the Duc at onenobleknight at optusnet dot com dot au

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