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Medieval Season is Coming

It may be roasting hot outside, but in our hearts we’re already sitting around campfires at medieval events, wine cups raised to good mates as we embark on great days of medieval enactment in Queensland, New South Wales, and, who knows, maybe beyond.

It’s the time of year for mending and waterproofing and getting a head start on projects that we know still won’t be completed until the night before the first event.

At Blackwolf we’ve been sorting and organizing, collecting scattered bits and pieces that never seem to end up where they’re supposed to, making sure all our medieval stuff is in one place so we can decide what to keep, what to change, and what is best moved to the pile of What Were We Thinking.

It’s an exciting time.

Plans for this season include shelter from the sun for the in-camp demonstrations, replacing worn out ropes and broken tent poles, and finishing the 12th century quilt used in the Duc’s tent.

blackwolf tent

There are splendid medieval medicines to make and delicious brews to brew, robes to finish and copious amounts of research to complete for a new demonstration we’re planning.

Medieval chairs are being built, wall-hangings designed, and weapons polished and protected from rusting by summer rains. Combat training will begin anew and a renewed interest in archery has prompted the gathering of arrows and bows and setting up of targets on our farm.

It’s going to be a great medieval year. 🙂

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