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Preparing for Medieval Season

It’s been quiet on the blog, but absolutely bustling on the farm! Our group has all sorts of medieval projects going on as we get ready for our first medieval event the end of April.

Sue is growing coffee beans and perfecting her skills at roasting coffee beans over an open fire.

Adam recently made a curved medieval shield and a leather coat of plates.

Shaun has been working behind the scenes to upgrade our blog.

I continue to expand my medieval folk medicine display. This week I started growing valerian root so I can make concoctions that soothe and relax. Soon I’ll harvest my comfrey to make poultices (and tea for my gardens) and will start drying sage, rosemary, and thyme for teas for winter.

We have a lot of sewing projects going on. I’ve made a Bedouin baby hammock (so cute!) and will be starting on a medieval quilt this week. I’ve spent a lot of time researching medieval quilting techniques and traditions, and am excited to make my own version that reflects the culture and time period of Blackwolf.

I’ve also been learning to dye fabrics from our Viking friends in Ulveflokk. You can read about that here: Dyeing and Feasting with Vikings.

Robbie has been painstakingly making a 12th century bed for us out of a bed he found at a second hand store. He’s been carving and whittling, sanding and planing, staining and hammering and it’s coming together beautifully.

Once it’s complete, we’ll pile on the mattress and feather bed and take measurements for the linen sheets and quilt I’ll be making.

Although sleeping on the ground at medieval events has been an adventure, both of us are looking forward to good night’s sleeps in our gorgeous medieval bed.

Once the bed is finished, Robbie will be making tent poles for our new tent. We hope to have everything finished by the 23rd so we can set up camp as a dry run with all our displays and demonstrations in place before our first event. It will be a lot of work, but so much fun.

What projects are you tackling?

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