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A Little Blackwolf History

Blackwolf are a 12th/13th century Crusader group traversing caravan routes. In Crusader times, supplies from overseas often failed to arrive when needed or if at all. It was too little, too late.  Blackwolf are Crusaders of different nationalities, using the guise of a Bedouin caravan to make up the shortfall of weapons, supplies and horses needed to continue the Crusader presence in Outremer.

We chose the 12th/13th centuries because this was a fascinating time of great upheaval, progress and change in weaponry, food, medicine, and textiles, and we explore and present that to the public. The Crusades brought many food products to the West: rice, coffee, sherbet, dates, apricots, lemons, sugar, spices such as ginger, melons, rhubarb and dates. Other products were mirrors, carpets, cotton cloth for clothing, ships compasses, writing paper, wheelbarrows, mattresses and shawls. Other new concepts were chess, Arabic figures 0 to 9, pain killing drugs, algebra, irrigation, chemistry, the colour scarlet, water wheels and water clocks

Not all Blackwolf are combatants, we enhance our camp each year with new crafts, trades, and skills.

Blackwolf is based south of Toowoomba, Queensland, although some members live in Brisbane and Ipswich.

Blackwolf are committed to:

  1. Entertain and educate the public via practical medieval life basics, their food, traditions, way of life, beliefs and necessary guild skills of working in wood and metal.
  2. Discuss, evoke interest, inform, dissuade from erroneous beliefs and myths, thus educating the public via the mindset of mediaeval times.
  3. Blackwolf don’t talk to visitors, they engage with them.

As always, we endeavour to provide an authentic, historically accurate campsite, within the constraints of the 21st century.

Our Authentication Process:

At least two or more verification samples, with visuals if possible.

Authentication is set out under the following headings.

LOCATION: This is the location where the authentication is located (title of book, website, etc).
AUTHORITY: Author or group responsible for location.
BRIEF: Brief outline, description or extract from location.

Since archaeology, forensics, and other areas of research are constantly revealing more about medieval life, we try to consistently study and review our authentications to make sure that what was true five years ago is still born out by current finds.

In the weeks ahead we’ll be sharing aspects of our research to explain why we wear what we wear, eat what we eat, and do what we do.

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