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Medieval Breakfast at Blackwolf Camp

There’s nothing quite so marvelous as waking up on a cold morning to find the fire roaring and the kettle boiling for a cuppa.

In our Blackwolf encampments, a hearty medieval breakfast is an essential part of each day.

Each member has their own wooden bowl, cutlery, and pottery mug that are washed and left to dry on our handmade shelves every night. That makes them easy to find when we stumble out of our Bedouin tent still half asleep.

While Ann fries up massive amounts of smoky bacon and fresh eggs, Sue whips up a platter of crispy fried flat breads and brings out her special stash of dark roasted coffee.

Before long everyone is clustered in the Gathering Tent, cold hands clasped around warm mugs as we shovel in welcome spoonfuls of hot breakfast.

Once our bowls are scraped clean the day officially begins.

Fighters don their armor, the medicine woman sets up her potions and brews, the flax lady arranges her display of seeds, fibers, and linen, and the others bustle about making sure the camp is tidy and ready for visitors. In no time at all the camp is filled with guests learning how to make rope, cheese, candles, medieval remedies, fabric, weapons, clothing, furniture, and food.

How we love it all.

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