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Medieval Medicine Woman

In Blackwolf we encourage each member to pursue their passion, their area of medieval interest, and run with it.

This has resulted in a fascinating kaleidoscope of demonstrations and diversions including horse archery, cheese-making, wood-burning, and bone work. Over the next few weeks we’ll showcase each area, ranging from medieval Bedouin weaving and rope-making to medieval combat and how to make linen starting with a tiny seed.

Today we’re featuring our medieval medicine woman, or, as we fondly call her, The Witch.

Krista is devoted to scouring old books, archaeological discoveries, and the archives of national museums across the globe to uncover the weird and wonderful world of medieval medicine.

Her search has developed into a full-blown passion, and she grows herbs and collects hard-to-find spices so she can make her own recipes based on medieval traditions passed down through generations of healers, shamans, physicians, and apothecaries.

At our medieval demonstrations, she loves sharing the things she’s learning, teaching people how to take head knowledge of herbs and spices into simple and practical concoctions that ease headaches, soothe upset stomachs, and heal wounds.

In response to popular demand, Krista is compiling a collection of her favorite medieval remedies that she has tried and tested and uses at home.

Utilizing ingredients found in nearly every kitchen – honey, eggs, dried fruits, wine – Krista will show how to treat daily ailments in a natural, healthy, and often delicious way.

We’ll be sure to let you know when it’s available.

Next time we will introduce you to another of our members as we open up the secrets of medieval life one story at a time.

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